Business Objectives

The path to success leads through clear goals

Only those who know their goals and take opportunities can achieve the optimum. Knowing the goal means knowing where the path is going. That is why we define clear goals in order to enable all of our employees to act in the interest of the company and to contribute to our success.

The common corporate goals ensure a clear orientation in everyday work.

Market Position

Our goal is to be the world market leader in our business areas – wherever possible – or to find ourselves in the top three positions. Entering new business areas is only acceptable if a significant market share seems achievable.

Thus we are prepared for the future and our customers and employees have a reliable partner by their side.


We convince through innovative products. That is why we want to generate a significant proportion of our sales with products that are less than three years old. For our unique innovative strength we were even awarded as TOP innovator 2021.

What we do, we do right. That is why we check our innovations adequately before they are introduced. Thus, our customers receive high-quality and reliable products.


We are a highly productive company – and would like to remain so in the future. That is why there is a clear expectation of all employees to ensure constant improvement of all processes and procedures in the company.

The continuous improvement process is an integral part of our quality management system.


Reliability, down-to-earth, professionalism and quality are increasingly important to competitive edge in a business where the pace of change is constantly increasing. The way we operate is oriented towards sustainability, customers, goals and results.

Our efforts are not aimed at short-term success; we set great store on reliable long-term development.

Attractive Employer

Our employees are our greatest asset and therefore an important success factor. That is why we want to motivate them sustainably for our company and also bind them.

A corresponding information policy, a market-based payment and modern social benefits are a matter of course. A low fluctuation rate as well as low absence and illness rates are our declared goals.

Products & Services

We are leaders in technology and that is how we want to stay

We develop products of only the highest quality, based on continuous, patent-protected innovation and development along with the motivation to go on improving even the most mature products.

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