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As a market leader in technology for corrugator belts and fluidising fabrics, Muhlen Sohn stands for best quality innovative products. Our flexibility in development and production enables us to produce special products to customer specifications in addition to our standard product range.

Muhlen Sohn corrugator belts have been specially developed for use in double facers in corrugating systems. Their main tasks are smooth transport and best possible drying of the corrugated board. The belts are exposed to substantial stresses from temperature, contact pressure, friction, tensile stress and moisture.

Muhlen Sohn corrugator belts consist of multiple layer fabrics. The rip, heat and abrasion-resistant fibers give the belts an excellent movement and transport characteristic. This guarantees security and reliability during your production processes.

Application within a corrugating machine

  • Top Belts
  • Bottom Belts
  • Drum Laggings

Corrugator Belts

We offer the suitable product for every application

Muhlen Sohn corrugator belts are universally applicable – on all machine types known to us worldwide! They are used particularly successfully on modern high-performance corrugators.

Moreover, our corrugator belts were developed specially for machines with balast rolls, air hoods or surface pressure loading systems.

Our Corrugator Belts

Drum Laggings

Suitable accessories

In order to optimize your production processes, Muhlen Sohn offers you corrugator belts as well as the right accessories to support your work.

Our Drum Laggings

That’s why Muhlen Sohn
Three reasons for choosing us

World Market Leader

We are the world market leader in producing corrugator belts and offer you high-quality belts especially for the use in the heat and traction section of corrugators.

No matter what production requires – we offer you the suitable product for every application!


For producing our high-quality belts we use a unique, patented weaving technique. We also only use high-quality raw materials.

Quality “Made in Germany”!


Muhlen Sohn corrugator belts guarantee safety and reliability during your production processes.

We also offer you excellent customer service with our worldwide sales partners and service technicians – from the first contact to a comprehensive after-sales service.

HOT JAW Lacing

Patented lacing with flocking for a marking-free production

Thanks to our special press-in technology, there is no contact between the hooks and the corrugated board, the heating plates or the pressing system. Your machine is protected in the best possible way and there are no marks on the corrugated board.


  • Particularly durable and repairable
  • Optimal rolling properties
  • Reduction of noise emissions
  • Sufficiently breathable

Aramoured Edge Reinforcement

In-woven armoured edges for more robustness and a longer lifetime of the corrugator belt

This leads to a higher temperature and abrasion resistance at the belt edges and thus to less wear of the corrugator belt, especially at the edges.

Especially recommended for production on modern types of corrugators with frequently changing production widths, many order changes and high temperature of the heating plates.

Worldwide customer service

Especially for our sophisticated corrugator belts

Whether in America, Europe or Asia, your contacts are nearby. Our sales partners provide excellent customer service.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year – you can always reach us, and a fast reaction time is guaranteed.

For urgent cases outside business hours, our emergency number is available.

Service Emergency Number Corrugator Belts: +49 7304-801333

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Corrugator Belts

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