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Muhlen Sohn has been a driving force with innovative development for many years, around everything to do with the profitable transport and storage of bulk powder goods. Today, the FLUITEX fluidizing fabrics are used all over the world in the most diverse industries.

From the cement industry to the pharmaceutical industry to coal-fired power stations – Fluitex fluidizing fabrics are used everywhere. The reason is very simple: their outstanding transport characteristics reduce energy requirements and increase profitability of production. They can easily be adjusted to specific customer requirements.



Fluidization is a process of transportation, loosening and homogenization of powder bulk materials.

From our sales far more than 120 different bulk materials emerge, which can be fluidized.

From experience particles of 5 µm until 1,000 µm and a residual moisture of max. 7 % are fluidizable.


Cement Plants

Material handling, -homogenization, -storage and –packaging of cement and aggregates

Application examples:

  • Homogenization in silos
  • Transportation in pneumatic conveyor systems / air slides
  • Discharging via aeration boxes and ventilation panels
  • Up-transport with dens phase conveying equipment

Aluminium Plants

Material handling, -homogenization, -storage in aluminum smelter and alumina refinery

Application examples:

  • Material handling and storage of aluminum oxide
  • Transportation of ash or lime
  • Flue gas desulphurization (dry process)
  • Fluidizing in aeration boxes, pneumatic conveyor systems / air slides or pressurized delivery vessels in silos, trucks and wagons

Power Stations

Material handling, -homogenization, -storage in thermal power plants

Application examples:

  • Conveying of ash
  • Flue gas desulphurisation (dry process)
  • Fludization in pneumatic conveyor systems / ai slides, homogenization, aeration and discharging through ventilation boxes in silos
  • Loading and unloading of trucks and wagons


Material handling, -homogenization, -storage in cement carriers, supply vessels for offshore oil industry, silo trucks and railway wagons

Application examples:

  • Cement carrier with pneumatic loading and unloading / discharge
  • Supply of oil rig with cement to stabilize the holes / drilling
  • Delivery of bentonite and barite / heavy spar as drilling fluid additive for oil rigs


Solutions for the transport and storage of powder bulk material

We deliver outstanding, efficient solutions for almost any customer requirement, with the mark of highest quality – “Made in Germany.”

Our Fluidizing Fabrics

Custom made to measure

Muhlen Sohn offers customer-specific customization for fluidizing fabrics

The FLUITEX fabrics are produced according to the special requirements of our customers. This ensures products which are perfectly tailored to the requirements. The fabrics are available in numerous variations and with a variety of special equipment.

FLUITEX Customer-Specific Solutions

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